Innovative new hatchery investing $20 million in new Stratford facility

Trillium Hatchery Inc. Bringing Leading Edge Technology to Wright Business Park

The City of Stratford announced that Trillium Hatchery Inc. (Trillium), a consortium of Ontario farmers, is opening a ground-breaking chick hatchery in Stratford, Ontario. The revolutionary new facility will be built in the Wright Business park and utilize a new technology, called HatchCare, a system which aims to provide stronger, healthier chicks in an animal-friendly and antibiotic-free production. The 65,000 sq ft facility, which will begin construction in 2017 and open in 2018, will provide hatched chicks with a superior environment through the entire hatching process with new and innovative hatching technology.

Co-founder of Trillium Murray Booy stated “Trillium Hatchery Inc. is an exciting new venture that will create economic opportunities all across southwestern Ontario. Stratford is an ideal place to locate our new chicken hatchery because it is a city that is committed to both the agriculture and high tech industries – just like Trillium. The City of Stratford is a great partner.”

Stratford Mayor Dan Mathieson stated “I am very pleased that Trillium Hatchery Inc. has chosen to invest in Stratford. Their decision to launch their new venture here demonstrates our City’s ability to attract innovation-minded businesses and their presence will further enhance our thriving agri-business landscape. Their revolutionary new approach merging technology and agriculture make them a perfect fit for our Wright Business Park.”

InvestStratford Managing Director Mike Pullen stated “Trillium Hatchery Inc. represents the growing diversity of companies in the Wright Business Park and their over $20 million dollar investment will generate an average of 20 or more new jobs.” Trillium will join other innovation-minded agricultural firms located in the business park and benefit from the advanced resources available to businesses residing in Stratford’s technologically advanced business development area.

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