In support of the Hall of Fame

Although I wrote this the day of the meeting I thought there was still hope. The Town Council would go back to the Board of the CBHF&M and try to reach a compromise. To my knowledge this hasn’t happened and the last Council meeting it became clear they have no interest. Even after Businessman Chris West made a request that they reconsider, Town Council spent a lot of time discussing whether they would wave the tipping fee for the garbage from the site “$1000?”. Then it only passed with a tie vote. December 21,2016 Today the people of the Town of St. Marys killed a dream that has been in the making for 20 years. Town council voted down the proposal by the CBHF&M and forced the Board of directors of Hall to face the fact that the Town does not want them. They feel that the ball diamonds and land can be separated from the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame Museum. This has never been the case. They have never been inseparable. I was told that St. Marys is not big enough to support the CBHF&M and you have proved that today. The vote was 6-1 against. St. Marys isn’t too small, just too short sighted Everyone in town feels that things will continue on as they are. Can this happen? No! The CBHF&M board needs to represent its constituents and have a Museum to recognize the artifacts and information they have in their trust. Will the support for the ball fields in town be the same? No! The volunteers and summer staff will be replaced by Town employees. They have no interest in making this a great venue but work 9-5. In my time in the town of St. Marys the CBHF&M has been a source of pride. This is no more as it will cease to exist in the town. Council in their wisdom decided that they could not support the spending of $550, 000 for a capital project worth $6,000,000 on land they received from the Cement Plant for the CBHF&M Proposal back in 1994. Since that time the CBHF&M has raised several million dollars to build the site that is there today. The Town has donated in kind funds for taxes on the lands and average $10, 000 per year for maintenance of the facility. The CBHF&M was approached by the Town to change Rotary field from a Base ball field to a multi-ball field on a 3 year basis when Little Falls School was built. This was done and the Town paid for one half the cost of lights and some of the changes required. Three years later they came to the board of CBHF&M to try and come up with space for what is now King field. This was after they found that their plan to move the Slow Pitch fields was a lot more than they had anticipated 1-2M plus more to build 2 fields.

Doug Goudy

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