Another Round of Improv

Well I have stepped in to another round of Improv (Improvisational Comedy) and this time a little closer to home!  I loved the classes in London however they seemed like such an unattractive drive during the winter.

So when I heard that there was one right next door at the town hall in St Marys, I was super excited!  It had a running time from December to March (exactly my not leaving town months) and included two performances at the end of the session… (now that is a little scary.)  In London you decided if you wanted to continue on into a troupe but my fear of driving in a white-out proved to be greater than my fear of going on stage for two nights with an Improv troupe!  I found our leader, Liane, was completely different than our London teachers and was just as fun and fascinating to me as any of my other instructors. Coming from a theater background, I felt as if I was viewing everything from a completely different perspective, with loads of enthusiasm and all within the same genre.  Theatre is something I was never really part of (and maybe should have been) although I think my youthful concern about not looking silly and taking this type of risk socially probably deterred me!  This is simply a letting go of what people think of your random and outrageous ideas blurted out, while having fun and being creative and dramatic.  All of this is somewhat foreign to me and very intriguing, sprinkled with absolute fear!

So I’m not really thinking about the show, and just trying to enjoy the process.  Two weeks before, I will be having another Improv Troupe from London coming into my studio (Feb 17th) and hopefully inspiring me to embrace the show/on-stage part of this new art in which I have been drawn into.  I have found improv has increased my confidence and ability to talk on-stage in my regular musical performances, making me much more comfortable and quick, since over thinking can hamper stage presence.  I always tell my adult students who venture in to learn a new instrument that it is great to challenge yourself and to stretch yourself, especially as we get older and more settled into our comfort zones, so now I have to take my own advice! My reward is watching them learn and grow and love their fun achievements! So wish me luck on March 3rd and 4th at the beautiful St Marys Town Hall Theater, or better yet come out and watch me make a fool of myself (one of the directives for Improv… and something I usually quite excel at  with my other new Improv friends.  One thing I can guarantee is you will have fun and have a good laugh!  Which in my opinion you can never have too many.

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