We all came from somewhere

It has been an interesting week with the announcement of President Trump putting a ban or pause, whatever you want to call it, on allowing refugees into the US.  This should not come as a surprise because this was one of his big promises during the campaign. Also it is not our place to judge his actions. However it does raise the conversation on what nations should do with refugees.

Many in the US applaud the move because they view all Muslims as terrorists. But statistics show that not one Syrian refugee has committed a terrorist act in the US. All recent shootings and killings have been committed by people born in the US. The same can be said of the situation in Canada. Refugees are the most vetted of all people coming to the US or Canada with a rigorous process taking up to two years to complete. But this does not seem to be understood by everybody.  The recent shooting in the Mosque was committed by a Canadian. It was astounding how much racism hate was sent out after the Quebec shootings. People would be amazed at the racism that exists even in our town. We have received e-mails from some “intelligent’ people with what are pure racist sentiments showing how certain groups are going to take over the world. Most of the content does not deserve consideration.

History shows that we all came from somewhere else. Through the ages people have immigrated from Ireland, England, Scotland and through the years people have come from Italy, Hungary and Vietnam for example, because of different reasons, whether it was famine, war or political upheaval. All have assimilated into the country and have made a great contribution for the benefit of society. Recently we have seen people come here from Syria and no one can say that they feel less safe because they are living in our area. Canada in recent years has been a leader in helping the less fortunate and the majority of those suffering from the terrorist acts are women and children. To not help the less fortunate is another example of our inhumanity to man. A recent Tweet we saw sums up the present situation “The way to fight terrorists is not by closing our doors—or hearts—to their victims”. There is a lot of truth to that.

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