Taxes to rise 4.47%

Public meeting to be held February 16th

If there are no further changes made by Council or staff, town taxes will increase by 4.47% this year. According to Town Treasurer, Jim Brown, this will mean an average of $131 per household. This number was arrived at the latest budget meeting held this week. Many items have been pre-approved including the Wellington Street bridge, Emily Street, which is a carry over from last year and $50,000 to the Hospital Foundation for physician recruitment and retention. Also approved this week was $3008 for the River Rock Festival but the request from All Aboard St. Marys was deferred until the next Council meeting as more information was requested. At the Tuesday meeting it was decided that the Library budget would be set at a 2.59% increase as compared to last year and a proposal to reduce the Heritage Tax rebate program by $11,000 was defeated.

If you would like to have your say on the budget you will have your chance coming up. The Town of St. Marys regular Council meeting originally scheduled for Tuesday, February 14 has been moved to Thursday, February 16 at 6:00 p.m. in the Pyramid Recreation Centre End Zone at 317 James Street South. The change has been made to allow residents an opportunity to provide feedback on the 2017 municipal budget. The regular Council meeting will resume following the public input period. The final draft budget will be available February 8 online at or in print (for viewing only) at the Municipal Operations Centre (408 James Street South).

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