New Wellington Street bridge approved

Daycare rates going up

The Wellington Street bridge will be replaced this year after Town Council approved the plans on Tuesday. Andy Ross, from BM Ross, was on hand to present the plans for the bridge and the timetable for the construction. Ross told Council that the pier and abutments for the existing bridge were constructed about 1912 and the superstructure was replaced about 1971 with precast slabs and concrete deck. Under the new plan the bridge will be completely demolished and a new one constructed this year, with new foundations and slightly wider sidewalks. The planned lighting for the bridge will be close to what are shown in pictures from the bridge in 1912. Tenders for the project will be sent out in late February and the replacement of the bridge will take 16 weeks to complete. The work should begin on July 4th and be completed by October 20th. Total cost for the bridge is $1.6 million and although the Town will be applying for a grant, under the present system infrastructure money for municipalities can only be given every second year. The Town did receive grants in 2016 for the Water Street bridge, but, because the Town does not have major projects on the go for 2018, they will apply to see if next year’s grant money can be awarded this year.

As of April 1st, the daycare rates are going up. Under the Toddler program the new rate will be $800 per month (5 day per week care) up from $772, which is a 3.6% increase. For part time the rate goes from $40 per day to $41.25 which is a 3% increase. Under the Pre-school program the new rate is $765 (5 day per week care) up from $741. The Part-time rate goes from $37.25 to $38.50. Under the additional fees the Emergency or Flex Care rate goes to $50 per day from the present $47 and the late charges for picking children up will now be $5 for each 5 minute interval.

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