How does this Chase the Ace thing work again?

Answers to FAQs as Lincolns’ Jackpot nears $10,000

By Stewart Grant (member of St. Marys Lincolns Executive)

Give me the story on what “Chase the Ace” is, in two minutes or less:

This is our new fundraiser for the St. Marys Lincolns Hockey Club. Our Chase the Ace contest is a Sweepstakes format, just like the McDonald’s Monopoly Game is a Sweepstakes (i.e. not a lottery). Whereas at McDonald’s where you get a Monopoly playing card when you buy a meal, for our sweepstakes you get a Chase the Ace draw ticket when you buy a Lincoln hockey card. 

On Fridays during the second intermission of the Lincolns games, we take the draw tickets for that week and we pull somebody’s lucky ticket out.  At last week’s game for example it was Tom Myers, who won $423, representing 25% of all of the card sale revenue for this past week.  Meanwhile, 50% of the proceeds from the week, and from all prior weeks, went into the progressive jackpot which could’ve been won by Tom if he had been lucky enough to pull the Ace of Spades out of our Chase the Ace deck of cards. Last week, Tom pulled the 5 of Diamonds. So the 5 of Diamonds came out of the deck, and it stays out, thus reducing the number of remaining cards to be pulled from. This guarantees that someone is eventually going to pull the Ace of Spades.  We are now down to just 35 cards remaining out of the original deck of 52.

This week we will do a new draw, with the progressive jackpot estimated to be around $9,200, and the following week expected to exceed $10,000. To get in on the fun, you can acquire draw tickets at this Friday’s game, or anytime during the week you can visit local businesses like Sam’s Home Hardware, St. Marys Home Building Centre, M&M Variety, Downtown Pontiac, Dunny’s Sports, or the Sunset Diner.

Do I have to be at the game to win the jackpot?

No, you definitely don’t need to be at the game to win. If you aren’t there at the game and your name is called, then someone will attempt to draw the Ace of Spades on your behalf. Whatever you win, whether it be the Progressive Jackpot of thousands of dollars or the weekly consolation prize of hundreds of dollars, Lincolns Vice President Bill Lowe will get in touch with you to get you your winnings.

Can I purchase a whole set of hockey cards and obtain draw tickets for multiple weeks all at once?

Yes, Bill Lowe has put together a wonderful keepsake of the 2016/17 Lincolns team that consists of all of the current player cards displayed in a hard-cover binder that is available for purchase for $60. This also comes with 3 free draw tickets for each of the next 10 draws.

What happens if the Ace of Spades is drawn this week?

Good question, because there is a 1 in 35 chance of that happening this week and there’s roughly a 50% chance of it happening prior to our golf tournament on May 27th.  Whenever the Ace of Spades is pulled, it will represent the end of the first-ever Lincolns’ Chase the Ace Sweepstakes, and someone will be a very happy winner! Once this happens, we will set the wheels in motion for the second-ever Lincolns Chase the Ace Sweepstakes to begin. In other words, for those who have acquired draw tickets for future weeks (for example by buying a Lincolns team set of hockey cards), they don’t need to worry because those draw tickets will be used in the next Chase the Ace contest.

McDonalds’ Monopoly game has a “no purchase necessary” option, does the Lincolns’ Chase the Ace Sweepstakes have that option also?

Yes, having a “no purchase necessary” option is an important element of meeting the Sweepstakes criteria. As discussed in the complete contest rules that are listed on our website,, in order to enter the “Sweepstakes” an eligible participant must send a stamped, self-addressed envelope requesting a “Card” and accompanying sweepstakes ticket. Only 1 (one) “Card” will be provided for each request. Name, address and telephone number must be included in the request. All requests must be mailed to St Marys Lincolns, P.O. Box 42, St Marys, ON, N4X 1A9. Requests will be responded to within 14 days of post marked request.

I have another question that you didn’t include in these FAQs. Who can I ask?

No worries, this is kind of complicated especially the first time through. We want to get these questions answered so we can get more people in on the fun and try to raise enough money to improve the financial stability of the hockey club. You can contact myself by emailing by phoning/texting 519-868-1290, or contact Bill Lowe at or 226-661-0131.

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