Lincolns’ Chase the Ace Jackpot exceeds $8,000 mark

The newest installment of the Chase the Ace Sweepstakes is set for this Friday, with the progressive jackpot expected to climb to approximately $8,200, per Lincolns Vice President Bill Lowe.

Last week, Joe Sangster’s name was drawn for the weekly contest, earning him $360 in the process. As the Ace of Diamonds (not the Ace of Spades) was drawn from the Chase the Ace deck, the progressive jackpot carried on to this week, with only 36 cards remaining in the deck.   

To get your ticket for this week’s draw or for future draws, attend tonight’s game or visit convenient in-town locations such as Sam’s Home Hardware, Downtown Pontiac, M&M Variety, St. Marys Home Building Centre, Dunny’s Source for Sports, or Sunset Diner.

For complete contest rules, visit

To prepay for a set of Lincolns hockey cards (and thus get Chase the Ace draw tickets for numerous future weeks), contact team Treasurer Stewart Grant at 519-868-1290 or Vice President Bill Lowe at 226-661-0131.

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