Blue Monday

By Stephanie Martin

It is almost time for Blue Monday, apparently the most depressing day of the year. This year it is calculated to be on January 16th. This non-scientifically formulated date is not on the same day every year, but calculated it is around the third Monday of January (by the winter/mental health experts), or it could be the fourth or the second Monday. But the variables are calculated with 2017 Weather, Debt, Time Since Christmas, Time since failing New Years Resolutions, and Low motivation levels.

So I did some of my own calculations… well if you live in Perth County it could start the minute it snows (if you don’t own a snowmobile).  If you have to wake up and drive to work while it is dark it could start in November.  Unless you work at Disney Land (no one gets depressed who works at Disney Land) however that would be a long drive from Perth County.  Time since Christmas can be variable as I am still on holidays since Christmas, (Ok well I love my work so not really, but yes kind of) so this amount may vary for everyone (retired people, is it post-Christmas or pre-Christmas?)  Debt.. Well if you went all out and racked up your credit cards (and still haven’t learned) then this part can almost start prior to the unwrapping! But if it doesn’t, that calculation will certainly be depending on your billing date of your next credit card statement. I think hand crafted gifts, made out of recycled items left behind by my kids could be a creative possibility next year to shopping and spending. I can see the one lost sock coat in my mind that I could create… look out Pook Touque!! Then there is the broken New Years Resolution. This year I decided to be pro-active and not make one! This way I can not break it! So that variable is not in my calculation, but really could start as quick as one minute after midnight to one day after?   Clearly this non-scientific calculation is just a guess.  However it is pretty safe to assume that around the middle of January someone is going to be rather depressed… here are my calculations…. It has now been cold for at least a month, you have had to dig your car out from more than one snow bank and possibly driven though a white out or two. You wake up in the dark and most likely come home from work in the dark.  You are lugging around another 10 lbs of fat after the loads of food you indulged in over Christmas. There may be turkey, stuffing and gravy coming out of your pores. You need to count the change rattling around in your pockets to buy a Timmies coffee because of all the bills you threw around during the holidays, like water, like an excited child screaming WEEEEEEE…. Now on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (Maybe not Friday, Saturday or Sunday) in mid January you are slumped over (because it is more comfortable in your too-tight pants) watching the snow burying your car, while you look out the window into the darkness of morning, scrambling for change in your pocket to grab the coffee (which is the only thing that motivates you to even consider getting out of your warm bed on a cold January morning).   This my friend is one of the most 31 potentially depressing days of January.  Followed by hopeful February? Ummmm I don’t think so!  My word of the month is patience, which fits in perfectly with a Southwestern Ontario winter and Action, which means I may not be out walking in the blizzard but I have dragged my rower out of the back garage and it is now being used each morning for 20 min followed by Yoga for my aching body and guitar shoulder.  Which leads me to my third word of 2017. Commitment! Oh ya!  I’ll be fit and limber and patient by spring!  This is all since I was not granted my 2017 wish of being a bear!!

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