Letter to the Editor

I am writing to express my concern with council’s handling of the West Ward School property on Ontario St. It seems that with the exception of Councillors Osborne and Winter a majority voted to allow the school building, a historic stone structure, to be demolished to make way for rental development. No consideration seems to have been given to possible alternative uses for the building or to possibly turning the property into a public park. Also interesting is that none of the councillors that voted in favour of this idea, live in this neighbourhood. Would they have voted for such a development in their own neighbourhoods? I’d like to remind the mayor and council that they were elected to represent the citizens of St. Marys and not some potential developer who wishes to destroy a beautiful site for profit. Mayor and Council, St. Marys is not your private fiefdom which you can run as you please. To take such actions without consulting the people of St. Marys suggests that you think you know what is best for St. Marys and that we should just sit back and accept your self perceived wisdom. This citizen for one does not accept your proposal and I suggest that prior to making any decisions for this property a proper consultation with the people that placed you in office must be held. Herman Veenendaal St. Marys.

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