Reply to last week’s Boo

To every valued customer of a downtown merchant.  

This is a reply to the boo in the paper, in regards to a merchant not opening when their sign said they would and wasting the customers time

Not a single merchant would choose to waste our customers time.  Many of us are the only ones that work our stores.

When unexpected circumstances arise ,  we do our best to utilize social media, to inform our customers of any changes to our hours.  Many merchants have children, loved ones and unforseeable situations, that cause us to be late or close completely.

We do not  intentionally choose to not open or choose to be late,  but we have emergencies that arise, that are beyond our control.

Any of us would chose to come in on our days off or after hours to accommodate our customers, when allowable.

While I understand the frustration of this customer, I hope it can be understood that, I am sure, it was not with intent to waste anyone’s time.

We value each and every customer who walks through our doors.  All of them friends, family and friends we hadn’t met yet.  We do our very best to be open when we say we are going to be. Just sometimes, it can not be helped.

A St. Marys Merchant

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