Canada 150-Voices of St. Marys Literacy Project

Canada is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year.  Education and Literacy is one of six focus areas for Rotary and to celebrate the occasion and to highlight the significance of this anniversary, the Rotary Club of St. Marys is working with our local schools to stimulate student interest in our history and to create student products that focus on our formative years and what St. Marys might be like in the future.

Primary grade students have been challenged to create a piece of artwork that highlights to them something that is important about St. Marys.

Junior Students have been asked to write two stories: the first can be factual or a legend explaining some aspect of St. Marys, today.   The second story asks students to use their imagination and describe what St. Marys will be like in 2025. Student work from this grouping will be sealed in a time capsule and stored at the library to be unlocked in 2025 when our Rotary Club celebrates its centennial anniversary.

Grades 7 & 8 are creating You-Tube type videos or PowerPoint presentations about one day in the life of St.Marys over the last 150 years. They may present this information from the point of view of an on-site reporter or newscaster.

Completed projects will be displayed in the storefront window at 115 Queen St. E. and at the local library and museum.  Student work will be on display throughout 2017 so any student who did not have the opportunity to contribute to our 150 project is welcome to prepare work and submit it to any Rotarian or through their school.

The Rotary Club of St.Marys would like to thank the local schools and teachers for their participation and especially the students for their projects.

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