A fan of the Hall!

Dear Editor of St. Marys Independent:

I am a baseball fan and historian who has spent many pleasurable hours in beautiful St. Marys. While there, I have patronized The Creamery, Damen’s, Barista’s, Little Red’s, Westover Inn, Wildstone Bar and Grill, Tim Horton’s, Lai King and M&M Convenience. You could say I am good for local business. And there are many more like me who love baseball and your town.

St. Marys is at an important crossroads as town council this month considers whether to support an application for capital and operating funds for the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame, of which I am a member. In its modest current iteration, the hall has put St. Marys on the map and burned the town into the consciousness of baseball fans across the country. The time to help the Hall take a big step forward is now. This could help boost the local economy and build upon an important aspect of Canadian culture.

I am asking St. Marys residents to please urge your council members and Mayor Al Strathdee to support this request. Your children and their children will thank you in the fullness of time.

Yours truly,

Chip Martin,


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