A fan of St. Marys!

Greetings Editor of St. Marys Independent

As a resident of Toronto and an influential supporter of tourism in our great province, I would like to share the most incredible experience of my life when I first visited your town of St. Marys for the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame induction weekend. It was June 20, 2009, when my best friend and I drove a lovely two hours to your pretty town on the banks of the Thames River, where we truly enjoyed the hospitality of the people and scenery around. Upon attending our first ceremony, as we are baseball enthusiasts, I felt an incredible feeling of pride & passion to be Canadian and how St. Marys Ontario allowed me to feel this way when they honoured and celebrated Baseball like no where else in the world, on this special day. After walking the grounds of the area and entering into the small but quaint hall, it gave me chills up and down to see our game and country celebrated. Then to witness the procession of the ceremony, the singing of our anthem, the opening speeches, the enthusiasts in attendance, the speeches from the inducted and emotions felt throughout the ceremony, my friend and I had tears rolling down our eyes from start to finish.

Ever since that day, I fell in love with St. Marys Ontario and became a donor of the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame. Year after year, I encourage and support friends, family & colleagues to visit St. Marys Ontario year round for the specialty shops, home-grown hospitality, golf and of course the Hall.

The new Strategic Master Plan of the Hall that includes a new museum and enhancement to it’s baseball grounds will be something memorable, significant and historic for all Canadians, coast to coast to visit, to experience and enjoy!

To get historical, I understand the settlement of St. Marys began in 1840’s and it has prospered since but as we bring new generations and new innovations in this new modern era, the expansion and development of the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame grounds allows St. Marys to continue to be that unique limestone town with incredible charm and desire for your neighbors and friends in cities across our great province and country to explore and to continue to come back!

I look forward to the future of St. Marys, the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and the incredible memories and moments ahead for myself, friends, family and my fellow Canadians.

Barry Naymark,

Lifetime Donor

Toronto, Ontario

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