Perth South residents begin preparing surplus farmhouse severance applications

By Dan Rankin

Perth South Chief Building Official Martin Feeney had no shortage of positive news to give to Perth South Council Tuesday morning, as he indicated that he had issued 11 permits for the month of November for an estimated building project value of just over $3 million. “Building activity and associated fees are very consistent with this time last year, and last year we had an extraordinary year,” he said. “I’ve already had various owners contact me about various projects that are going to start next year already, and I’ve been working with them on zoning requirements and related things with that.” There was also some long-awaited good news from the County. “The last day for appeals to the county surplus farm dwelling severance policy was on Nov. 29,” he said. “There were no appeals and the policy now is in effect. I’ve had several people contact me and am working with them on surplus farm severances.” Later in the meeting, Mayor Bob Wilhelm indicated that, as of Tuesday, there had not yet been any official applications sent to the county from Perth South, but he had personally directed an interested party to meet with Feeney. “They met last Friday,” he said. “They’ll meet with the planner and basically give the outline, the footprint they feel will be acceptable, and then they will be applying to the county.” He added that he thinks there “will be quite a few that come fairly quickly,” and that he heard the county’s very first surplus farmhouse severance application would either originate from either North Perth or Perth East. “Wouldn’t that be ironic?” chimed in Coun. Melinda Zurbrigg.

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