Letter to the Editor

You may have seen the commercial on television.  It depicts a bank being robbed and a thought-to-be security guard telling customers and bank employees that he isn’t a guard but only a monitor. He says, “I’m only a bank monitor” and  then, ” there’s a bank robbery.”  Maybe this is what we need when it comes to policing in the future. Towns, like St. Marys make contracts with the OPP or cities like Stratford to enforce policing concerns only when requested or if they need to come to towns for their own enforcement needs. St. Marys would hire five or six police monitors, one of which would be on duty  for an 8 hour shift providing  24 hour police monitoring in  the  town. The OPP are busy doing their work on the highways and would only give policing when requested.  Some variation of this might help to reduce policing costs for small towns across Ontario. Paying monitors an acceptable wage and paying the OPP only when called upon may end up being more effective than what we already doing.  We cannot really rely upon the Liberal government of Kathleen Wynne to  come up with ideas like this as her government is all about Toronto, losing money on hair-brained ideas  that have never paid off for anyone except  hydro  and hospital CEO’s.  Perhaps the mayors of small towns in Ontario need to meet and discuss alternate policing needs.

Yours truly,

Paul A. Leinweber,

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