Friend, Neighbour, Co-Worker and Living Kidney Donor

On Oct. 28, Matt Adams donated a kidney to his friend, neighbour and co-worker Steven Hurst.

In March, Steve was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure and discovered he would need a kidney transplant. His pregnant wife, Ashley gave birth to their first child Mason the day they heard the diagnosis.

This summer, Ashley created a heartwarming and compelling video shared on Facebook asking friends, family, neighbours, and coworkers to consider being a live kidney donor for Steve. Their lives were simply on hold waiting for a donor.

Nineteen people applied to be a donor for Steve and that number blew the transplant team away.

The complete testing to become a donor takes months, but this past Friday the wait was over. Matt and Steve were a match! They work together, are friends, live in the same subdivision of Wye Creek in Thorndale, they both have boxers as family dogs, and now Steve has one of Matt’s kidneys. A truly heartwarming story.

The remaining families in the Wye Creek subdivision are not just talking about this amazing gift but trying to help the families by coordinating meals so that both families are fed as they recover.

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