Salvation Army has new method for applying for Christmas Hampers

The St. Marys Salvation Army Family and Community Services will be doing Christmas Hamper applications differently this year. Previously they would block off three application dates/days/times. This year, clients of the food bank who wish to apply for a Christmas Hamper can do so at the time of their usual food bank appointment. For those who do not use the food bank or rarely use the food bank, you can call Family and Community Services at 519-284-2760 and make an appointment to fill out a Christmas Hamper application. This new method will afford an increased measure of privacy.

As before, they will need to see a piece of photo ID for each person named on the application. For those with children, they would also appreciate a ‘wish list’ for each child. Financial information is required if you have not applied for a Christmas Hamper with them previously.

At the time of application, you will receive a card with a pick up time and date that will show when you will be able to get your food hamper and toy hamper if there are children in the family.

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