Perth South’s website getting a tuneup

By Dan Rankin

It has been about four years since the Township of Perth South updated its website (, and while it is still a functional tool to check out important municipal news or find out when the next council meeting is due to take place, it has not kept up with the times. For instance, it has not been made compatible for viewing on tablets or mobile phones.

Hoping to address that and other issues, Perth South Council voted at their meeting Tuesday evening to award its website development capital project to the Ontario-base eSolutions Group. Council set aside $20,000 in its 2016 budget to “develop a website that incorporated the upgrades that have occurred in technology since the website was last developed.”

All five Perth County member municipalities budgeted funds in 2016 to improve their websites in various ways. Through discussions with the Perth Administrative Collaborative Team (PACT), Perth South Treasurer Rebecca Clothier said she learned that North Perth and Perth East were already using website platforms from eSolutions.

Clothier said that the fact that other municipalities had put their website development projects out to tender and ultimately chose eSolutions influenced her decision to recommend council to award them the project for single source and direct negotiation procurement.

“Esolutions Group is a company that does websites for over 300 municipalities,” Clothier said. “They’re very specialized in the municipality world. They know what municipalities need and have a proven track record with municipalities.”


– Deputy Mayor Jim Aitcheson led the meeting, as Mayor Bob Wilhelm was reportedly in Knoxville, Tennessee on business.

– BRA wheelie bin automated waste collection starts Oct. 31 for Blanshard residents and Nov. 7 for Downie. The bins have been delivered.

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