No-parking controversy in downtown

Town clarifies situation

Some St. Marys and area residents were upset after receiving “no-parking” signs on their cars last week. After complaints to the Town, Laurel Davies Snyder, Manager of Culture and Economic Development for the Town, e-mailed the following to businesses in the downtown, to clarify the situation.

“To support our Downtown businesses and the positive reputation of St. Marys as a welcoming and visitor-friendly community, we want to leave the on-street parking spaces for customers and clients.  Even though the Downtown is very compact and walkable, people often want to find an on-street parking space as close to their destination as possible. Parking on-street and in Town-owned Public Parking Lots is free.

“The “Parking Warning” placed on some cars last week was developed at least 8 years ago by the Business Improvement Area (BIA), Merchants’ Association, and Town Council to encourage business owners and employees of Downtown businesses to keep the on-street parking spaces available for customers and clients.  These forms are no longer valid.

“However, it is still very important to keep on-street parking as free as possible for our visitors, customers, and clients.  If you are a business owner or employee of a Downtown business, please park in the Town-owned Public Parking Lots for your short and long-term parking needs.

“Everyone did so well working together during the Queen Street Construction Project, and it made a huge difference for customers visiting downtown businesses. Customers were really impressed that the businesses worked together to make sure that people had the best experience possible. Let’s continue to work together in that spirit!”

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