Celebr8 to open October 28

Running one week late

Celebr8 Sports Salooon and Eatery (formerly Damens) will now be open Oct. 28 instead of Oct. 21, according to new owner Robby Smink. “From previous experience doing this, I knew that everything always costs more and takes longer than expected,” Smink said. He is now hoping to first open the back room, the “Light room,” by Oct. 28. He said it will take another week to get the front Games Room into shape. “Except for building the bar from scratch he said that the only work left is “cosmetic.” He said that they found beautiful hardwood maple flooring throughout the entire main floor which he said is being restored. ‘I think when all is said and done it’ll blow the town away,” Smink said. “Celebr8 will rival any of the best sports bars in Toronto, NY, LA, Miami, Vancouver or anywhere else in the world only on a smaller scale,” he said. In the front room, for example, Smink said he will have 2 pool tables, 2 dart boards, pinball, videos, golf games and 12 TVs, 10 55 inch TVs  and 2 huge 8 X 12 foot screens, all showing different sports and featuring pub food. The back and Light Room will feature casual upscale dining. Stratford Chef School-trained Graham Moss will running the kitchen to ensure top quality food, which Smink says is a priority. Nika Simpson, owner of the Stonetown Diner for 5 years and Nika’s Nook for 3 years, along with Lyndsey Moss, who has previously owned seven restaurants, have been hired as managers.

“I’m really happy and proud of the team I’ve been able to assemble so far just by word of mouth,” Smink said. “People are coming to me which is really amazing.”

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