Town of St. Marys takes first step toward revitalization of Cadzow Park

Removal of outdoor pool scheduled for October 17

The Town of St. Marys is moving forward with a multi-year plan to revitalize Cadzow Park. On Monday, Oct. 17, the project will officially commence as crews begin the process of removing the park’s 90 year-old outdoor pool.

The decision to remove the pool was made at a meeting of Town Council in August. The move was based on extensive research, recommendations from industry experts and staff, as well as feedback from local residents.

The work on the pool is expected to take three days. Crews will then spend an additional two days backfilling and grading the area to restore it to its natural state. The project should be completed by Friday, Oct. 21.

Some parts of the park will be inaccessible while the work is being done, including the pool area and the parking lot, which will be used as the main access point for the demolition crew. The park’s playground will remain open for residents to enjoy while the pool is being removed.

Additional information about the Cadzow Park revitalization project will be posted on as it becomes available.

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