I Love Thorndale has lots to be thankful for

Dear Editor,

Over the past month, we have reflected on the continued growth over here at “I Love Thorndale.” While we continue to grow our website and business directory, I Love Thorndale (ILT) has also rolled out some more great ideas (Welcome Mobs, Outdoor Movie Night, event postcard mail-outs, partnerships with organizations including the Boys & Girls Club of London and so much more).

All of our ILT work continues to be 100 percent volunteer run, which can easily add up to more than 20 hours per week. While at times it seems like more than we can handle in a volunteer role (while working outside the home full-time, raising families, being active, etc.), it’s a certain message, email or praise on the street about how significant our work is that fuels us to continue. Thank you for taking the time to appreciate the work that goes into this “labour of love.”

All of this would not be possible without the continued support of this amazing community. Whether it’s through our lively Facebook page with over 860 people “liking” us, the many visitors to our website or the hundreds of emails we receive, we are proud to be the link to “everything Thorndale.” Thanks for checking in with us, allowing us to be the platform for so many of your events, new ideas and genuine love for Thorndale.

Most recently, another great video on the theme of honouring Thorndale’s history was created by our young resident, Ellen. This was shown at the opening ceremonies of the Thorndale Fair. A link for it can be found at ILoveThorndale.ca, or by searching “Thorndale History 2016 09 10 final” on YouTube. Once again, thank you to the many people involved in this unique project.

As we gather around our tables with family and friends to give thanks, it is easy to think of many things that this community has to offer. This is such a unique community. We hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

– I Love Thorndale

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