Glass Street extension starts next week

Site plan agreements passed

On Tuesday, Town Council approved the tender from Euro-Ex Construction for the construction of the Glass Street extension in the amount of $452,257. Under the agreement, the developer of the proposed subdivision on Emily Street will pay $159,517 while the Town pays $205,631 for the watermain work which will be repaid back to the Town over the next 25 years as the site is developed. The Town also pays $78,443 as part of the allocated cost. The construction of the extension is set to start on Oct. 17.

Meanwhile, Council also approved a tender from Steve Smith Construction in the amount of $159,653 for the widening of Queen Street East. This was part of the agreement for the new gas station and coffee shop building which will be opening in December. The developer will pay $105,911 while the Town will pay $35,861 as an upgrade to the watermain.

Also approved by Council was a site plan agreement for a proposed expansion of the wedding reception building at the Golf Course. The plan would see a new storage building being built with expanded parking in the area where the driving range is at present.

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