Lystek to Market LysteGro Biofertilizer for St Marys

Award-winning, biosolids and organics solutions firm, Lystek International Inc. (Lystek) and the Town of St Marys have entered into a formal agreement that will see Lystek look after all marketing and sales of LysteGro, the Class A quality, federally registered, Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) biofertilizer product produced at the town’s Wastewater Resource Recovery Center.   

“Lystek technology is now featured and/or under way in eight facilities across Canada and a ninth project is now in the commissioning stage in Fairfield, California.  Combined, these facilities are capable of receiving and converting over 350,000 thousand tonnes of biosolids and other organics into federally recognized biofertilizer products annually.  Our proven, diversion solutions are economical, cost-effective and scalable which means they are capable of providing reliable, year-round services for a wide range of populations and communities, “said Kevin Litwiller, Director of Business Development for Lystek. “The demand for LysteGro biofertilizer is ever-increasing as it has multiple uses in agriculture, sod farming, horticulture, and more. Plus, our patented, award-winning solution can also be leveraged to reduce volumes while increasing biogas output for green energy,” he added.

“St Marys is a progressive community. The original deployment of the Lystek technology at our treatment facility demonstrated our firm commitment to this objective.  This solution has allowed us to control our investment in capital infrastructure while producing a marketable, federally registered fertilizer product. The product will be marketed and sold by Lystek on our behalf. Revenues can be generated with this product and, over a period of time, this can help offset our cost of operations. Innovative solutions like this offer diversity and can provide multiple “wins” both economically and environmentally,” said Jed Kelly, Director of Public Works for St Marys.

“Our solutions are future-focused,” adds Mr. Litwiller.  “Populations continue to grow and the resources required to make chemical fertilizers are being depleted. That is why the demand for our technology and responsible, affordable, organically-based fertilizers, like LysteGro will continue to increase over time.  At the same time, regulations around Green House Gas emissions are becoming more stringent. We are proud to offer solutions that reduce “waste” and carbon emissions while contributing to the health and growth of the circular economy. Most importantly, we are honored to be a long-term provider of high quality products and services to the Town of St Marys and excited to count them amongst our growing list of highly valued customers” adds Litwiller.

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