Letter to the Editor

Together we stand, divided we fall. To the four councillors who voted to close and tear down Cadzow Pool, shame on you. The late John Lind Sr. donated the pool to the people of our area. Councillor Osborne, did your children not swim at Cadzow? Mine did, as did thousands of other children over the 90-year life of the pool. My four children and my grandchildren swam there as did other children, and from there, it was the Quarry. A swim in the Pyramid Centre pool cannot compare to an open air swim. Even the price is more than most children can afford, whereas Cadzow was a fair price. You want our future children to have a splash pad and what will that cost? Perhaps the four councillors who voted to close Cadzow should stand under a cold shower and experience a splash pad. Our Mayor’s daughter worked very hard to keep Cadzow open, she has the good sense she was born with. I will be thinking very carefully about who I vote for in the next election, as will many other St. Marys people. Our children need to be outside in the fresh air, not inside in a very noisy pool. To the people of the area who will read this letter, even if you do not have children, just think about what I have written and call your Mayor and Council members, Bill Osborne, Jim Craigmile, Carey Pope and Lynn Hainer. Is keeping the Pyramid Centre that important to you? How much has it cost so far? I think a lot more than anyone thought. And what did the Stratford splash pad cost?


Sadie Walsh

Fairhill Residence.

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