Health concerns responsible for indefinite closure of The Camper Restaurant

By Dan Rankin

The owner of The Camper, a Mexican-inspired takeaway restaurant located near the corner of Water and Jones in downtown St. Marys, called his decision to close the eatery “heart wrenching” but “necessary” after a chronic medical condition left him in a deteriorating state of health.

In a recent post on Facebook, Camp revealed that, for the third time this year, he was dealing with symptoms of Crohn’s, an inflammatory bowel disease.

“I have to come out and be honest and true that my health is suffering due to the workload and doctors and specialists alike have come forth to recognize the need for me to cut back my workload immediately or I might be in a serious situation,” he wrote on Facebook.

“My body had decided to make it black and white,” Sean Camp told the Independent. “I had to step back, and the stresses of the new venture were a huge part of what had to be released. I am slowly on the mend and hope to start dealing with the issue of the business.”

Camp is a tenant of the location that he radically redesigned and renovated before opening up the new business two months ago. He says it “would make logical sense to sell the business as is,” to someone interested in operating either a takeaway restaurant, as he had envisioned, or else as a catering business.

That, he said, is his “end goal at this point.”

In his Facebook post dated Sept. 16, Camp reassured customers that those retaining Camper gift cards would be fully reimbursed. He also intends to fulfill booked appointments made with his photography business Lucid Musings Photography.

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