Water billing transition enters final phase

Last Town bill being mailed

Town of St. Marys staff are preparing to mail the last Town-issued water bill, which will be due Oct. 11. Future charges for water and wastewater usage will be included on residents’ monthly electricity bill from Festival Hydro. The Town made the decision to work with Festival Hydro in order to increase efficiency and simplify the payment process for customers.

Due to privacy issues, the Town is unable to transfer any banking, payment or Epost information to Festival Hydro. If you have an existing account at Festival Hydro your combined bill will be paid under your current payment method. If you require further information concerning your combined bill please contact Festival Hydro 519-271-4703 (option2).

Inquiries about servicing water meters should also be directed to Festival Hydro’s Customer Service Department.

More details can be found on the Town’s website at townofstmarys.com/en/living-here/water-billing.aspx and festivalhydro.com/.

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