Kirkton authour Gillian Thomas publishes second novel, All Dreams Considered

By Dan Rankin

At the 148th Kirkton Fair this past weekend, local authour Gillian Thomas made the short trip to the Kirkton-Woodham Community Centre to show off her growing literary catalogue. At her booth she was showing off not only her independently-published 2012 novel Mollie Evans, but also her brand new novel All Dreams Considered.

Thomas, who has lived in Kirkton for 12 years, described both books as “suspenseful, dramatic romances.”

Both novels feature characters from Canada and some Canadian details, she said, noting that the tiny village of Rannoch is mentioned in All Dreams Considered. However, the stories also visit countries and destinations where Thomas has personally travelled, with Spain being the main setting for her new novel.

Back in 2012, her first book was published through a company in Barrie. This time, though, she looked a little closer to home. “Barrie being a little bit distant to travel, for this one, I used a publisher in London, Ontario,” she said. “It was by Carter’s Printing Inc. in London. They’ve been really wonderful working through the production of this one with me.”

One aspect of publishing she won’t miss, in the interval between now and when her next book is ready, is the time-consuming process of proofreading.

“It’s not difficult, but it takes time,” Thomas said. “There’s always one little mistake that is missed. But I was very fortunate in London to have someone who was excellent. She really had a sense of words and would make suggestions if something didn’t sound right.”

Before she began writing novels aimed at adults, Thomas said she was trying to become a children’s authour. “I have a lot of manuscripts for children’s stories,” she said. “But that market is even more competitive. Doing different workshops and things, I began writing more stories for adults.”

Since then, she’s been able to combine her passion for story telling with her love of travel.

“The books include a lot of experiences I’ve had in other countries,” she said. “I love combining my travels within my stories.”

Thomas’ novels can be found at Fanfare Books on Ontario Street in Stratford, or ordered from her personally by emailing her at

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