Saturday is a big day for cars and trucks

OPP Golden Helmets also featured

Two events that always seem to go hand-in-hand are happening on Saturday. St. Marys Ford are having their “Drive 4UR Community” event and the 6th annual running of Evan’s Touch the Truck.  However, it will be the first one since Evan’s passing in December. Evan was in the media during his final months, as his home town held a Christmas parade for him in October, that gained world wide attention.

This year, in addition to the event at Milt Dunnell Field (from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm), the OPP Golden Helmets will be bringing 25 police Harley Davidsons to do a precision driving show at 2:30 pm on Queen Street, in the downtown core.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. Unlike other Ribbon campaigns, the Gold Ribbon used to represent Childhood Cancer includes all cancers that children deal with, not just a cancer at a specific location in the body. Childhood Cancer awareness is beginning to obtain support, but it still has a far way to go. Less than 4 percent of Federal money used to research cancer goes towards children, and that 4 percent is divided amongst the 12 most common childhood cancers. The event this year will once again feature many trucks and cars for children to climb on and for an added attraction, Mr. Beep, the “talking car” will be on hand. As well, there will be draws for great prizes including an overnight golf package for four, a smart TV, an airplane ride for three people, dinner packages, and many more prizes.

The Drive 4UR Community will be held at the McLean Taylor property on Water Street (beside the Green Bridge) and goes from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. The event involves people taking a test drive and then Ford will donate money for each test drive. The proceeds will go towards Hope for Haiti and the Forest School Program. St. Marys Ford’s goal is $6,000 which will be split between the two groups. Of course those taking a test drive will need a valid driver’s license.

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