Without prejudice :Transparency Smoke and Mirrors

On the Town’s Council meeting agenda, there is time allocated which allows citizens to ask one question in under two minutes. This citizen took advantage of the Town Council meeting question period of August 30th to confirm personal inquiries that the Town Council had never allocated any funds, Government grants or tax money,  to the actual repair of the Cadzow Pool leak; which over the years has been indirectly stated and understood by this citizen to be the root cause analysis of the Cadzow Pool decommissioning.

This is an interesting “smoke and mirrors” move for a majority of the Council who just never wanted the pool repaired in the first place. It would be better of them to have been transparent and state the pool is closing.  Instead of being transparent, they chose what is termed “smoke and mirrors” to obtain the current quest of decommissioning. This is not an honorable way to conduct business proceedings.

I stayed for the Council meeting in regards to Cadzow Park development plan. My understanding is there is no current Government grant or actual in hand private club donations for the development of the Cadzow Park.  Instead of the common sense of 3 councillors to leave the Cadzow Pool open until actual funds are realized, this did not make enough sense to the other 4 councillors.  Their plan is to simply tear down the pool, be optimistic, live in a tent and the money will come. Unbelievable.   

Frank Krausz

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