It’s final..Cadzow Pool to close

McCotter sponsoring a free swim Saturday

In a 4 – 3 vote, Council decided that Cadzow Pool would be removed this fall. Stephanie Ische informed Council that the cost to remove the pool would be $33K. In the question period at the start of the meeting town resident Frank Krausz asked how much the Town has spent so far to fix leaks and the answer was that the Town had not spent any money for this. Calling it “a major issue” in town, Coun. Bill Osborne said that the time has come to remove it. “It is in our best interest to remove it and hopefully there will be grants available for the revitalization”, he said. Coun. Jim Craigmile agreed that it should close saying that “the time is right because we will have another election and it will still be there”. Coun. Tony Winter argued against closing it saying that the splash pad should be in place before the removal. He noted that the splash pad would not be in the same location as the pool and hoped that the surface would not be concrete but rather the solf material at the playground at Little Falls School. Coun. Don Van Galen also was against closure saying that for $33K the leaks could be fixed and “there are other projects in town that could be done before this.” In a recorded vote voting for removal were Couns. Osborne, Pope, Hainer and Craigmile. Voting against were Mayor Al Strathdee and Couns. Winter and Van Galen.

Also in attendance were Rotarians Doug Goudy and Stan Malcolm who indicated that the Rotary Club would be interested in fundraising for the splash pad.

And in a related story, Stephen McCotter is sponsoring a free swim at the pool starting at 1 pm on Saturday.

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