Police services to be reviewed

Glass Street extension happening this year

A Notion of Motion from Mayor Al Strathdee will  be considered at Council’s Sept. 13 meeting, that, if passed, would direct the CAO, Brent Kittmer, to prepare a report to review alternative methods for delivering police services in St. Marys, including contracting with the Stratford Police Department. Mayor Strathdee said that because of the amount of money the Town is now paying for police services, the Town should see if there are better and less expensive methods for these services with the OPP.

Grant Brouwer told Council that an agreement has been reached with Thames Crest Development Corporation and that the extension of Glass Street from Emily Street will happen this year, but that no work will be done to Emily Street until next year. The extension will go from Emily Street across to James Street North to Glass Street.

In other Council news, Council approved the tender for a new Cliff Jump at the Quarry. The Town budgeted $70K but the lowest tender price came in at $92,085 which includes $6,100 for the trampoline. It was suggested at Council that this be re-tendered in the spring when a lower bid might be had, because the work will not be done this year, but this idea was turned down and Council approved the tender with McLean Taylor.

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