Thorndale dad needs a kidney transplant

March 10 this year was both the best and worst day of Thorndale resident Steve Hurst’s life. On the same day that his wife Ashley gave birth to their son Mason and he became a father, Hurst found out he was in kidney failure. The waiting period for a kidney on the deceased donor list is three-five years.

In order to bring attention to the issues of kidney disease and the long wait for transplants, Ashley Hurst took to social media, creating a heartfelt video asking for someone to consider a live donation. The video talks about how Steve has lost all his energy, is unable to work and that their life has been put on pause until he gets a transplant. The video can be found online at:

Hurst has been diagnosed with IGA nephropathy. His blood type is O. A donor may have positive or negative type blood for the purposes of such a transplant.

More information about live kidney transplants can be found on the London Health Sciences Centre website (, by clicking through the tab for Patients, Families and Visitors, the Multi-Organ Transplant Program, Kidney Transplant and Living Donation.

For more information or to register as an organ donor, visit

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