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An original small-town girl, Lisa Culbert has spent the past 6 years living and working as a lawyer in the “Big Smoke” of Toronto and recently resumed living in what she can only describe as the welcoming and wonderfully peaceful town of St. Marys. Now working remotely, she delights in sharing her local town and county discoveries that highlight her passion for world travel, city trends and fine food & drink, but without the traffic jams and a whole lot more fresh


This Weekend: Give me S’more, Some more Summer time that is!

With September just around the corner, I am fighting cravings for “S’more” Summer time and finding creative ways to make those delicious chocolatey-marshmallow-graham treats without starting a fire or heating up the air-conditioned house! While S’mores are far from a worldly dessert, they are home to us North Americans and worthy

of celebration as denoted by National S’mores Day celebrated on August 10th earlier this month. As you might have guessed the term “S’more” originates from the contraction of the 2 words “Some” and “More” – no doubt created after someone ate their first sweet chocolate-marshmallow cracker sandwich and asked for another!

An early original recipe for S’mores was found in the 1920’s in a girl scout book of recipes called “Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts” (1927) and had the graham cracker delight created by roasting a mallow over a campfire and then strategically wedging it off the roasting stick with 2 graham crackers (1 “fully loaded” with a chocolate square).

Since its early days, the S’mores combo has made its way into grocery stores in the form of Pop- Tarts, energy bars and cereal (I actually saw this (made by Post) in our Independent Grocer last week – please let me know if you try it??) At home, there are many new concoctions one can try from graham flour cupcakes with marshmallow filling and chocolate fudge ganache (mouth watering yet?) to chocolate-loaded S’mores pie to melty mallow and chocolate chunk cookies, yum!

I’d also encourage you to tap into your creative side by stepping outside of the 3 ingredient standard S’more by swapping your usual Milk Chocolate for Caramilk or adding a dollop of your favourite Nut Butter. If you don’t have any chocolate on hand, try spreading on a spoonful of Nutella for a creamy chocolate hazelnut melt. Also try dried fruit like strawberries and blueberries for some added antioxidants (those Brookfield Chocolate Covered Berries in the grocery store or from Costco work well too)!

So as September nears, don’t hesitate to ask for “S’more!” and create your own twist on the classic as you savour your Summer nights. No campfire needed. Simply fire up at BBQ for a few minutes, wrap your S’mores (pre-assembled) in tin foil and set on the grill for 5 minutes or so. Then unwrap and bite into a taste combination that is purely North American, Summertime bliss!

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