Cadzow Pool to be removed

Could happen this fall

At a meeting of the Strategic Priorities Committee, which is made up of the Mayor and all of Council, the decision was made to close Cadzow Pool in a split vote of 4 to 3. The closure could happen this fall. A decision to close the pool had been made by a previous Council but because a grant received by the Town stipulated that the pool would have to remain open for six years or the grant or part thereof would have to be repaid, the pool remained open. The grant term ended in 2015. Since that time the Town held open houses and sought input from the public on what to do with Cadzow Park. The Town presented different options and on Tuesday finally settled on ‘Concept D’ which included the following: remove swimming pool, add a splash pad, add a ramp access/walkway to the museum building, add a new playground, add picnic pavilion and washrooms, modify existing parking and add a stage and amphitheater. The total estimated cost for this concept is between $466,071 and $851,489.  In a staff report, it was stated that the pool is leaking water and would need major repairs in the near future. Coun. Bill Osborne, in recommending that the pool be closed, said that the top priority should be a playground that should be “top notch”. Coun. Tony Winter said that a splash pad should be in place before the pool is replaced, but the majority did not agree with this position. Coun. Jim Craigmile said that he agreed with Coun. Osborne’s position saying that closing the pool would “fast track” improvements to the park including a splash pad. Cou. Don Van Galen, in opposing the closing, pointed out that there was no money budgeted to remove the pool this year. In a recorded vote Couns. Osborne, Hainer, Pope, and Craigmile voted to close, while, Mayor Strathdee and Couns. Van Galen and Winter voted to keep the pool open. This will be forwarded on to a special Council meeting which will be held on Tuesday,  Aug. 30 at 6:00 pm, while a final decision will be made.

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