Lincolns Looking for Billets

By Stewart Grant

The St. Marys Lincolns are looking within the community for interested billets for the upcoming season. Having a strong network of billet families within St. Marys gives the team the opportunity to attract and bring in talented hockey players from outside the local area. An ideal make-up of the team will consist both of home-grown St. Marys-area players and those players from elsewhere who will be making St. Marys home for the first time.

Hockey Canada’s online Player Billeting Resource Package summarizes the billet process well: “For the billet families, it means opening up their homes to young hockey players giving them an opportunity to share experiences within the billet family unit and for the player being billeted it is a chance to share different cultural and social experiences.”    

Lincolns’ General Manager Glen Childerley, who has provided a billet home in the past, spoke glowingly about the experience at a recent team meeting: “Billeting a Lincoln is a rewarding experience. It is a way to provide a home away from home for a new teenager in the community. They become part of your family and you open your home to them and they open their hearts to you.  Not to mention but you become part of the team by following the progress of your billet. All in all, it’s a wonderful experience and the friendships last for a lifetime.”

If you are interested in learning more about the Lincolns billet program, please contact Glen at 519-272-3934 for more information.

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