Fire Dept. and Lincs need help

Westover Place gets go-ahead

In order to meet current requirements for fire prevention and education, Council voted on Tuesday to hire a Fire Prevention Officer to assist the Fire Chief in meeting compliance levels required by the Fire Prevention and Protection Act. This was originally approved in the spring of 2015 because of the amount of administration work that a fire chief has to do. It was planned at that time to share services with a surrounding municipality, but this did not materialize. The latest plan is to hire a Fire Prevention Officer on a part-time basis working 20 hours a week for $38K per year for a two year fixed term contract. Coun. Don Van Galen suggested hiring someone to do the administrative part of the job thus allowing the fire chief to do more inspections, but, the rest of Council did not agree.

The St. Marys Lincolns approached Council seeking a reduction in the ice rates. Because of the new lottery regulations, the Lincs can not be granted a lottery licence for draws etc. Because the team is considered as “community owned,” Council deferred a decision on helping the team while staff investigates the possibility of including the team in their annual grants and examine the financial statements for the hockey team.

The long awaited development known as Westover Place has finally been granted a subdivision agreement with the Town. Council approved the agreement at Tuesday’s Council meeting and Gerry Lang, who was in attendance for the meeting said that the development would be starting as soon as this fall.

In other Council news, a request from the ‘Save VIA” committee for permission to have a parade from the Junction Station to the present station was approved. The event will take place on September 16 and will use the walk-way on James Street to Widder Street East, across the bridge in the park to the station. Further details will be released in the near future.

The new billing system for combined hydro and water, to be issued by Festival Hydro, will start in October. There may have to be a deposit for some, especially those who are tenants and do not have a current account. New businesses will also have to pay a deposit.

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