Quadro Completes 100 Percent Fibre Service Network

Quadro Communications Co-operative Inc. (Quadro) announced today it has completed  an overbuild of its legacy copper network to a 100 percent fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network, in its original serving area, the first of its kind in Ontario. Quadro members located in the Granton, Kirkton, Sebringville, and Uniondale exchanges, an area that covers 800-square-kilometers and serves approximately 3000 individual locations, will now benefit from the power of fibre technology.

Last week, Quadro marked the completion of this 10-year, 20-million-dollar project with a celebration at its Kirkton headquarters. Officials from the municipal, provincial, and federal governments, Quadro Board of Directors, staff, and technology partners were on hand to celebrate.

“Quadro’s fibre network is built for the future and will be able to meet the changing needs of our business and residential subscribers, including local anchor institutions and health care providers.” said John DeHeer, Quadro General Manager. “With this infrastructure in place, Quadro is positioned to service economic development opportunities in our communities, as any business would be well supported by our fibre network. We are thrilled to announce the completion of our over build, this investment in our communities will allow our members to benefit from broadband speeds and services that are not readily available in other areas.”

When Quadro began its transformation to fibre in 2006, the only broadband option within its co-operative serving area was DSL (Digital Subscriber Line). This application offered Internet solutions to the rural communities which it serves, but was always limited by bandwidth.

By selecting Active Ethernet technology and broadband access solutions from Calix, Quadro put the pieces in place to deliver the most advanced broadband services for decades to come. With the ability to deliver up to gigabit Internet speeds, Quadro is ready to support any broadband applications including voice, telecommuting, gaming, video streaming, and any applications which may emerge in the future.

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