Sour Gripes


As a proud Canadian I am less than amused with the tenor who bastardized our national anthem. Will I lose any sleep over it? No: I will not. I believe there are a few out there with some weird ideas and I’m just as certain that this guy thought he was delivering some sort of peace and equality message. In light of all the killings in the news and such things as a dead woman and a missing child (as of writing) is his crime worthy of gross over reaction? I don’t think so. My opinion is that a National Anthem is somewhat sacred and it is a great disrespect to use it as a personal sounding board. In street terms “It was a bone head move”(Buffoon not Racist). It’s hard to believe anyone else will “sing to his tune”.

In a radio interview a black American woman made the statement that “we all need to give up the right to be offended”. Are you sick of hearing day in and day out that someone is offended by something someone said or did? I for one certainly am. Is it necessary to have a counter movement to “Black Lives Matter”? It shouldn’t. Although it seems that it is very nearly criminal to say “All Lives Matter”, Biblically speaking are not “All men created equal”? I understand that members of “Black Lives Matter” see the “All Lives Matter” statement as a belittlement of their cause. Perhaps justifiably “Black Lives Matter” appears to be the more militant (for lack of a better term) while from what I’ve seen and heard “All Lives Matter” is a message of equality. No one can deny that in some cases police in the U.S. have been shown to act or re-act with deadly force when that is the last thing called for. Racism is not dead by a long way. Statistics can point to crime rates or whatever they like but the fact is that Blacks and minorities are being killed or brutalized too often. Any unnecessary force, especially causing injury or death to anyone of any race, has to be carefully investigated.

In any case I will try not to be offended by opinions that may appear that their life is more important than mine (sarcasm folks). What label does that stick on me?

Are all responsible law abiding gun owners expected to apologize for the few that are mentally unstable and use weapons to kill people? Does everyone who has an occasional drink feel a responsibility for perpetual drunk drivers that kill others in collisions? Wouldn’t it be great if prohibition stopped drinking (We know how that worked). It would be great if we were not among the world’s highest rate of deaths in drunk driving collisions (In democratic countries). Wouldn’t it be great if we could change the American psyche when it comes to guns and their control.

REMINISCING: I could not remember the year of The Detroit Riots. It was 1967. We could not comprehend the numbers: 43 dead: 1,189 injured: 7,200 arrested: 2,000 buildings destroyed. The following summer a few of us young fools thought we should go there to see the aftermath ourselves. We lost our nerve (thankfully) and did not go. A year or two later however the trek was undertaken but was short lived. My sense of direction was as bad as my common sense and we ended in an unsavory neighbourhood where the memories of the riots were still raw. I stopped a taxi to ask directions. The driver uncovered a revolver on the seat beside him and questioned our combined mental state. Our quest for some food was met with directions directly to Windsor and advice not to stop till we got there. Message received and understood: The carnage was clear to see. It was odd to us that attempts to hail down a police car were fruitless. When driving through Detroit on the Interstate it appears that the number of burned out houses is not much better today. We can hope and pray that racial unrest doesn’t escalate any further considering recent developments.


P.S. Darned if I can remember who the 3 knot heads were that accompanied!

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