Town approves Linc’s advertising wall

Up to 28 sponsors planned

Lincolns_LogoSt. Marys Lincolns President Stephen Stapleton sent a letter to Town Council asking for permission to sell advertising on the east wall of the Roc k Rink. The letter states that the Lincolns are a community team and as such need added revenue to run the team. It also states that the plan would be to have between 24 – 28 sponsors and that the club would be responsible for the installation of the ads with Town approval. Town staff presented Council with four options to deal with this and they were, deny the request, approve with no conditions, approve with conditions and deny the request and the Town could sell their own ads in that space. Council decided to proceed with the option of approval with conditions. As part of this option it was suggested that the Town would receive 20% of the ads sold. However, Coun. Jim Craigmile proposed that the Town waive this amount to help the hockey club and was supported in this by Coun. Don Van Galen. Voting against this motion was Coun. Carey Pope and Coun. Lynn Hainer but the motion was passed with the support of Mayor Al Strathdee. With the Lincolns request being approved, the Town must approve all the advertising proposed and the Lincolns can not undersell the Town’s advertising prices on the boards at the arena.

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