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Rev. Debra Sinclair Debra Sinclair is an Interfaith minister living in Stratford.

Rev. Debra Sinclair
Debra Sinclair is an Interfaith minister living in Stratford.

It has been a few busy weeks. In fact, every week seems to be a busy week. Time speeds by. Sometimes I get lost in the speed of time, it seems. But that’s not a bad thing. It is a beautiful thing actually. Because, in a busy week, I get to live. But it is not about being alive…it is about living.

Living is a choice. Each of us makes that choice everyday. Remember it is not about being alive. It’s about living. Living a life of intention. Being a life of intention. It changes things when we decide to live a life of intention. It means that when you get up in the morning, life becomes purposeful. Meaningful. Useful.

You and I are eternal, infinite beings. We are here choosing to live a physical life of limitation. But what does that mean? Limitation? It means we don’t know we are eternal. It means we don’t know how big we are. We feel small. We feel tiny some days. Some days we feel helpless. But we are never that. Limitation is a choice. But we can rise above this choice of limitation. None of us need to be limited.

Yet where do we begin? Where do we begin to find our lives, to become unlimited? Well, we begin by noticing how we feel. We begin to sit in quiet, reaching deeply within ourselves to that place where Spirit dwells. And when we reach that place…that place of serenity and hope…that connection with God and Unconditional Love…we begin to transform. Each of us have had that experience of connection in our lives…that connection with Spirit. Those were moments when we knew we were more than we thought. And we felt unconditionally loved in that moment. Expansive. Beautiful. Amazing. Different. Free. That euphoric feeling is what we crave. When we feel this we want to feel it again…and again. But this is a challenge for most of us. We forget we are all these things. What we need to do is connect with these feelings on a regular basis until they are real to us. Until we remember who we are. Until we feel connected to each other. Until we feel that beautiful energy in our lives that is Unconditional Love. We need to feel it, to know it, and be amazed by it. We need to not allow others to lead us to believe we cannot feel this amazing presence…to have this amazing presence in our lives. We cannot be led to believe if we do this, or we do that, or we do not meet God’s expectations, we are lost or separated. This is simply not true. This connection you have to Divine Mind, to Divine Spirit, is yours. You don’t need anyone telling you this…you just need to know and feel unconditional Love…you just need to be unconditional Love…you just need to grow in unconditional Love…and you just need to allow unconditional Love. This is God’s gift to the world. And that world is limitless.

So today make a choice. Make a choice to live. And know that when you leave your body, and this world…you will continue to live. You are an infinite, eternal spirit. And no one can take that from you. And at the end of your day ask yourself “How do I feel?” And if you can say “Joyful,” if you can say “Free,” if you can say “Amazing” if you can say “Hopeful,” then you have figured it out. You are not only alive, you are living.

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