Some Great Canadian Inventions

Many people do not realize it but Canada is home to many great inventions. Here is a list of some of the greatest ones, some you may know of and some you may be surprised by.

Insulin, Treatment for Diabetes [1921, Frederick Banting, Charles Best]

Telephone [1876, Alexander Graham Bell]

Light Bulb [1874, Henry Woodward, Mathew Evans]

Five Pin Bowling [1908, Thomas F. Ryan]

Wonderbra [1964, Louise Poirier]

Pacemaker [1950, John Hopps, Wilfred Bigelow, John Callaghan]

Robertson Screw, 1908 [Peter Robertson]

Zipper [1913, Gideon Sundback]

Electric Wheelchair [1952, George Klein]

Poutine [1957, Fernand Lachance]

Cobalt-60 “Bomb” Cancer Treatment [1951, Harold Johns]

Canadarm [1975, Spar Aerospace/NRC]

Standard time [1878, Sir Sandford Fleming]

Ski-Doo [1922, Armand Bombardier]

BlackBerry [1999, Mike Lazaridis]

Radio Voice Transmission [1900, Reginald Fessenden]

Basketball [1892, James Naismith]

Instant Replay [1955, CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada]

Goalie Mask [1959, Jacques Plante]

Pablum [1930, Alan Brown, Theodore Drake, Frederick Tisdall]

Lacrosse [First Peoples]

Electric Oven [1892, Thomas Ahearn]

Walkie-Talkie [1942, Donald L. Hings]

Alkaline Long-Lasting Battery [1959, Lewis Urry]

Paint roller [1940, Norman Breakey]

Green Garbage Bag [1950, Harry Wasylyk, Larry Hansen, Frank Plomp]

Snowblower [1925, Arthur Sicard]

Self-propelled Combine Harvester [1937, Thomas Carroll]

Instant Mashed Potatoes [1962, Edward Asselbergs]

Plexiglas [1931, William Chalmers]

Crash-Position Indicator-CPI [1957, Harry Stevinson]

Caulking Gun [1894, Theodore Witte]

Separable Baggage Check [1882, John Mitchell Lyons

And there are more, but from the above list we should be proud of these accomplishments.

Happy Canada Day!

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