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Pun history for June

On June 1, 1895, John Campbell invented lubricating oil. Before that, he was just squeaking by.

On June 2, 1949, calculators were first used. They were so successful, that adding machines began to multiply.

On June 3, 1920, the patent for malted milk was sold for $100. The buyer said that he got a fair shake.

On June 4, 1911, the first ice cream cone was shown at a press party. Newsmen got a big scoop.

On June 5, 1964, high heels went out of style. It was a big let down.

On June 6, 1916, the first dog kennels were rented. They had a 20 year leash.

On June 7, 1932, the first diet club was formed, but it was a losing proposition.

On June 8, 1951, the first marriage was performed aboard a plane. It was a double wing ceremony.

On June 9, 1688, the first music score appeared: Bach, 4…Beethoven, 8.

On June 10, 1840, the first man’s leather belt was produced for 99 cents. It cost less than a buckle.

On June 11, 1941, Austrailian beer was first imported. It was made out of kangaroo hops.

On June 12, 1905, tweezers were first made. Everyone thought they would do in a pinch.

On June 13, 1954, a briefcase for attorneys was made from banana skins; for those lawyers who wanted to appeal their cases.

On June 14, 1955, the first flea market opened. They started from scratch.

On June 15, 1922, two fruit companies merged. They made a perfect pear.

On June 16, 1930, the largest order of Chinese Food was delivered to The White House. It weighed Won Ton.

On June 17, 1903, hair rollers were invented, but men couldn’t use them, since they were only for curls.

On June 18, 1912, Herbert Gorton and Leroy Fay invented the ceramic coffee mug. Everyone said they made a nice cupple.

On June 19, 1958, a baseball game was held at a National Park Campground. They pitched a tent.

On June 20, 1918, the electric razor was invented by a man who had worked on it since he was a little shaver.

On June 21, 1904, tanning lotion was first bottled, but it could only be used on Sun Days.

On June 22, 1906, the first barber school opened. Everyone graduated at the head of his class.

On June 23, 1934, an antidote for snake bite was called in from Ohio to Florida. The call came poison to poison.

On June 24, 1918, the first fishing dock was built by a man who was well liked by his pier group.

On June 25, 1933, the hamburger press was made, and the inventor got a patty on the back.

On June 26, 1934, the first greyhounds raced behind a restaurant. The biggest bet was made by a man with a hot dog.

On June 27, 1880, thread was first made, and everyone said ”Darn it!!”.

On June 28, 1919, water pistols were first sold. The store had squirtans on the window.

On June 29, 1941, the circuit breaker was invented; but a lot of people re-fused to use it.

On June 30, 1904, peanuts were first packaged. The company hoped that they would shell fast.

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