Street Level Faith


Rev. Debra Sinclair

Debra Sinclair is an Interfaith minister living in Stratford.

This truly is a tragic time for not only the families of those who were stricken recently in Orlando, not only for the citizens of Orlando, not only for the citizens of America, but for all of us who live here in this broken world. For this type of violence and hatred is not only our neighbour, but is perpetrated throughout the world. But is the world broken? Or is it ourselves that are broken? Perhaps our world just seems broken as we see those who follow small world ways attempt to remove colour from the world and replace it with the gray of sameness. Perhaps it is not the world that is broken, but the people who choose fear over acceptance and sameness over diversity and who feel they need to fix those who follow another path.

If the spiritual traditions of all religions is true and we are all connected in Oneness, then perhaps each of us should step up and take our responsibility for the tragedies manifesting in this world. Perhaps it is time for us to stop making perpetrators of these hate crimes as separate from ourselves as we are all in this together. Perhaps it is time to stop hurting each other…sometimes as close as our own family. Perhaps it is time for all beings to stop pushing what we believe to be “right”, and closing off our capacity for compassion. Perhaps it is time to move forward from these horrible atrocities of the world, not from a place of hatred, judgment, and revenge…but from a place of love and compassion. Perhaps it is time for all beings to open their hearts to the suffering of others, not just in your neighbourhood but throughout our whole world. Perhaps it is time, as you read this article to ask yourself “Am I willing to hear and contemplate other options for correcting the wrongs in the world, or am I only interested in listening to people who agree with me?” Perhaps it is time for those of us who celebrate inclusiveness, compassion, and unconditional love, to stand together in defense of each person’s right to be themselves…not with judgment, hate and revenge that only feeds the illusion that we are separate, but within the reflection of Love that God, who is a God of Diversity, unconditionally and with total acceptance bestows upon us. And perhaps it will be within this awareness that there will be a rejection of fear, in all societies, and we will change the world.

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