Car Rally and Other Upcoming Events in Thorndale

As summer starts to heat up there are lots of things to do in Thorndale. The Farmers’ Market is up and running and with each week more produce is coming into season. As you walk around they will have breakfast every Saturday morning.

While at the Market you could pick up tickets to the Thorndale Car Rally. The car rally will be held on July 8 starting and ending at Purple Hill. Teams of 4 will drive around Thorndale and the surrounding area to get to the most stops (points) and learn some of the History of Thorndale. Afterwards there will be a dance for all. If you can’t make it to the Market next week to get your tickets they can be bought at

There is also an Outdoor Bootcamp on Tuesday nights at 8pm. If you are driving by honking is encouraged – even better join in! On July 2nd there will be an Epic Scavenger Hunt at the library. On the same day there will be a Festival of Rural Living at Purple Hill. As always go to for all the details of all events in Thorndale.

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