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“There is no price set on the lavish summer, And June may be had by the poorest comer. ~ James Russell Lowell

It is almost the end of June. I dared look the other way and another month has slipped by. What a lovely month it has been so far. June is the month when everyone’s gardens become well established and the danger of random frost is over. Fledgling annuals are starting to show their blossoms and perennials have made a show of themselves and will continue to do so throughout the summer season. I decided on mandevilla and diplodenia for most of my larger stone planters and they are beginning to put on a show too. This is not difficult to believe since they are showy tropical flowers anyway. The mandevilla is a climber and it never disappoints in the lengths (no pun intended) it goes to reach for the sun. The diplodenia is basically a mandevilla that does not climb but rather has a shrub forming habit. The flowers are identical on both, unless one chooses contrasting colours. I opted for the sun parasol red, and one sun parasol white, thought there are several sun parasol varieties. These beautiful annuals are native to Mexico and I believe South America too. Of course, in Mexico, they grow as perennials. My sister-in-law who visits California each spring, brings back many stories of perennial flowers and herbs that in Canada are considered annual. My favourite story takes place in Los Angeles, where they stay with friends. There the rosemary is often grown as a hedge. In one instance, an entire property was edged with well manicured rosemary hedges. Can you imagine stepping outside the house,any time of the year and taking a snip from a rosemary hedge and bringing it in to add to a recipe? Can you also imagine the fragrance? I get giddy at the mere thought. Mind you, I have raised planter beds on my patio and the larger of the two not only displays my beautiful blue moon wisteria, but also my herbs. The planters are just a few steps from our side door and I can snip rosemary and many other herbs to my hearts content. While I am on the subject, my wisteria was breathtaking this year. Copious pendulous blooms, in a lavender blue colour, were never still as they swayed gracefully in the breezes and the fragrance is like no other. I would say the scent is a mix of lavender and lilac. This particular wisteria is supposed to bloom more than once per season. I am holding my breath to see if I get a second set of blooms later in the summer.

We’ve had some sizeable donations come in recently and I must offer up a most sincere thank you to the employees of Vet Purchasing for a very successful food drive which they delivered to us at the end of May. We don’t often think of the food bank needing too much food in the warmer months, but it is equally important to have donations come in during the fair weather as it is in the winter. Another thank you to the ministerial association and to the St. Marys Presbyterian church, both of whom donated generously to our annual back pack program. One more heartfelt thank you to the St. Marys Legion for the substantial cheque they donated to the Salvation Army Food Bank. We are truly blessed.

Currently, the food bank is in need of vegetable soup, tinned fruit, fruit juices and children’s lunch snacks. Even though school will be finished for the summer, some children still need to bring a lunch along to a sitter or daycare program. Thank you to all who support the work we do. We are more grateful than words can express.

Please note that the food bank will be closed on June 27, 29, July 1 and July 4.

Wishing everyone a splendid and safe Canada Day long weekend.


Sally Ann

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