Sour Gripes


How do we digest the news of the last week or so? Last week I had intended to question “our” opinion on assisted suicide. There is another “topic” that is current as of this article that does in fact tie in with moral judgments and beliefs. In each case opinions will vary and be very personal. When we talk of assisted suicide I wince a little. Assisted death, although it sounds morbid, sits better with me since I assume death would be imminent (not that it isn’t with all of us). It’s hard to condemn anyone who chooses to shorten their suffering. Still I do not profess to know what I would do in the position of patient or family member. I do know that the last days of my Mother just a year ago were gruesome. In a Spiritual conversation during that time she told me that she asked God to end her suffering. How would we feel as the doctor? It is strange that the words of a song come to mind “we’re building a stairway to Heaven”: But are we?

How can the infidelity of London’s Mayor and Deputy Mayor over shadow the massacre in Florida? To me it is also hard to spend a lot of time contemplating this while a two year old is dragged to his death by an alligator (It remains to be clear if warning signs were ignored or what the circumstances were). Still morality and trust are items that we all have opinions and beliefs about. Since London is so close and much of our news comes from there we are drawn in. Although no lives are lost in this case many family members are affected. Some are saying that indiscretion is a separate private matter. There are Christians (both parties claim to be Christians) who condemn them and others that say it is human to sin and given their expressed repentance, they deserve forgiveness. It is said that as a CEO of company or a city an affair with a subordinate (underling seemed inappropriate) warrants firing. Others say that this did not affect performance of their city duties. Can they carry on in municipal office with no effects from this affair? I feel if one or the other is to vacate their position it should be the Mayor. At this point I feel no compulsion to judge on morality and as far as my opinion, I started this with an open question about “our” opinions. The severity of their step “over the line” or “inappropriate” (some of their words) behavior certainly draws a lot of comment and input. If I were a London tax payer there is one thing that I would surely have a problem with is the fact that both will be on leave but collect their pay cheques.

SHOOTINGS: FLORIDA: Due to a lack of facts this will be short. How could a madman with so many strikes against him carry this out? He might as well have carried a red flag over the past few years. Although I bemoan the idiocy of our gun laws I certainly can’t agree that this man should have been able to legally buy a gun. Perhaps he would have obtained explosives or guns illegally regardless but wide open gun access is as ridiculous. The ball was dropped and the result is sickening.

REMINISCING: It seems a lot of kids these days have a play set that has a raised platform and some sort of cover /roof. We had our “fort”. How we came up with that name for a shelter made from branches and “borrowed” pieces of wood and plastic sheeting I don’t know. It could be that “Fort Apache” (from Rin Tin Tin?) was a safe haven and we felt safe there. In the rain today I was reminded of sitting or laying inside the “fort” eating something we liberated from our kitchen and contentedly listening to the rain pattering on our roof. There were of course storms that either set us to work trying to stop leaks or scurrying to the house to regroup on a drier day. That brought a smile.


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