High dive solution

Dear Editor,

I would like to make known a solution to remedy the safety concerns of the (former) high diving board at the St. Marys swimming Quarry. It is as follows: build a structure, offshore, to put the high dive onto and then lower it in the middle of the Quarry where the water is seven meters deep. The structure could consist of a large wide cement base with four steel “I-beam” pillars that go up to the platform for the high dive to be put on. This platform could be made adjustable (up and down) for fluctuating water levels and no wider or longer than the base of the high dive. The idea behind this structure put out in seven meters of water is for one, a person would have to be a good swimmer to get out to it, and second, if a person were to fall off the back steps/stairs or off the side of the high dive they would fall into the water., and thirdly, at this water depth it would well exceed the water depth regulation standards required to make it safe. This solution was presented to Town Hall at a Committee of the Whole meeting and is now presented to you. I have tried my best to keep the high dive alive but have decided to drop the ball on this into your hands. If anyone wants to pick it up and run with it be my guest, otherwise, the historic high dive dies. People’s worries about somebody getting hurt becomes not somebody but everyone. We all get hurt by the loss of the high dive and a town worth living in becomes a town worth living in but worthy-less.


Barry Brebner.

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