Perth South receives crystal clear water report

Building permits high for May

IMG_9416RGBOn Tuesday at their ordinarily scheduled meeting, Perth South made an extraordinary donation, presenting a cheque for $75,000 to the St. Marys Memorial Hospital Foundation as part of their “Someone I Know” capital campaign. Accepting the donation were hospital foundation chair John McIntosh, left, and executive director Krista Linklater, fifth from left. Representing Perth South are, from left, back row: director of public works Ken Bettles, chief building official Martin Feeney, clerk Lizet Scott, Councillor Stuart Arkett, deputy mayor James Aitcheson. Front row: Councillor Sam Corriveau, Perth South Mayor Robert Wilhelm, treasurer Rebecca Clothier, Councillors Melinda Zurbrigg, Cathy Barker and Bill Jeffrey.

By Dan Rankin

At the meeting on Tuesday, Perth South Council got the “all clear” when they heard first quarter (Jan. 1-Mar. 31) operations reports on the two water systems operated by the municipality, Black Creek and St. Pauls. Marcel Misuraca, Senior Operations Manager at Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA), and Jackie Muller, Business Development Manager, passed along the good news about the water systems that combine to serve 180 Perth South residents.

Neither system faced any compliance, exceedance, health or safety issues during the first three months of the year, Misuraca said. Both systems generally run safely below their design capacities, he added. The Black Creek system in Sebringville has a capacity of 281.5 cubic metres per day, but its use has averaged just 30.39 cubic metres, maxing out at 87.

In St. Pauls, the system has a capacity of 326.88 cubic metres per day, but its use has averaged just 17.6 cubic metres, maxing out at 50. “Flows are low,” he said. “No concerns, no issues.”

For Black Creek, a ministry of environment inspection took place on Nov. 26, 2015. The system received a perfect score of 100.00. “With St. Pauls, pretty well the same thing,” he said. “We just had an MOE inspection and just got the inspection report back yesterday. We’ll report it back in our second quarter, but we got 100 percent in St. Pauls. Everything’s been really looking good.”

That was the general consensus from Chief Building Official Martin Feeney’s report on building permits as well. “The permit numbers for the month of May continue to be strong,” he said. “There was 21 additional permits issued. That brings the total building estimate to date to $7,814,090 and $62,537.19 collected in permit fees.”

Treasurer Rebecca Clothier noted that permit revenue has already accounted for nearly two thirds of Feeney’s annual budget of $90,000. “Given that there was no permit revenue in January, you can see that he’s really had a substantial number of permits issued in the first part of the year,” she said.

“He’s almost double last year,” deputy mayor Jim Aitcheson said.

“I anticipate the building season to continue,” said Feeney, based on conversations he’s had with a number of landowners and contractors about upcoming projects.

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